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  • This section is for fans to critique CoKo's clothes, hair, interviews, performances et al. Ladies, we know you'll find this section pretty resourceful--for it gives you an opportunity to voice your opinions and ideas regarding CoKo's image. Of course, you brothas are welcome to give your input too. Whenever you see a CoKo video, performance or photo, make like Sieskel & Ebert and come to the CoKo'tique to voice your opinion. (Fill out the form and we'll post it.)


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  • Kelvonte` ]|[ July 2001
    Coko, please come back!!! I love you!!!

    Kesa Wilson ]|[ July 2001
    their is nothin to critique Coko is the bomb her hair her clothes and her voice is bangin fa real fa real I would give up every thing to sound like her she is my idol she like michael Jackson to me I mean I would really like it if I could meet her it would mean the world to me

    Enigma ]|[ July 2001
    I have loved Coko since she first blessed us with her voice with SWV. I always knew she was going to go solo and she did. The album is madd hott and I love her style. The only thing I am dissappointed about is that she did not release the track "If this world were mine f/ Tyrese. That song is beautiful and I am telling you I know a hit when I hear one and that is one.

    Much Luv Coko and keepin doing your thang, I will be lookin for that sophmore album.

    Egyptiandivaa ]|[ July 2001
    CoKo aka Cheryl E. Gamble is a very classy woman:) But I would love to see CoKo 's hair with loose spirals or cute pin ups. CoKo is tall in structure, and she would look excellent in more fitted clothing for example: Eve's style or that Jennifer Lopez classy look. In performance, CoKo should livin up the stage with a better dance routine(with dancers and herself). Coko has a very stong voice that will stop you in your tracks. Music wise I myslef would love to hear CoKo sing more deep down heart felt music for example: Toni Braxton hits like Breathe Again(yes I'm still hooked to that song) or a more vocal level as Deborah Cox's Nobody's Suppose to be here(I thinks that the 1# hit song name by Deborah). Coko I love you always will and will pray fou you and all that you do.

    Stephanie ]|[ July 2001
    I think hat coko i very BEAUTIFUL young women she is so talented ad sasy, classy, and did i saybeautful? I have aways been a fan of hers i think she should kep up whtshes doing becuz she has been real good role model to me or years!! i LOVE her shes REAL!

    Cooleynore ]|[ July 2001
    i think she always looked good. especially when she came out with her own album. she has an incredible voice.

    Bryant ]|[ June 2001
    I think COKO is a good singer but to me she dont have anything on my girl Monica and it would be nice for coko and monica to do a duet together I have seen coko when she was on the celebration of gospel and she did good but Monica brought the house down.

    Queet Southern Belle ]|[ June 2001
    Coko's style is righteous! She is very introverted though. 2 Fangas

    scottie ]|[ June 2001
    I think Coko should perform more, so I can record her. But I would love to see her make a concert tape or a tape with all the performances they ever had. And I also think that she should perform somewhere near her family(like Raleigh or Fayetteville)

    Special Generation /R&B group ]|[ June 2001
    Miss Coko -do remeber traveling with Troop & Special Generation/Capitol Records -.... Phoenix show's etc..We just wanted to say hello and all that good stuff.. Ken from Special generation....nothing to crtique about a princess....and old friend if you remeber...because we remeber you ladies well....I wonder if yoiu check your mail ..hahhaaaaa

    Shayla ]|[ June 2001
    Coko has always been on point. When SWV first came out, they were so down to earth with their style. They wore what the average girl around the way would wear (jeans, combat boots, shirts, baseball jerseys, tennis skirts, and stretch pants..yes I remember their looks from the 90's). As time went on when they came out with New Beginning, their style enhanced (Coko's especially) and she was more beautiful than ever. Her nails have always been on point, her clothes, her style period. This lady never half steps. U go Coko!

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