The CoKo Cure Da Industry
Da Industry page is a list of artists, writers, producers, video directors
and other people in the industry that SWV and CoKo have worked with.
Note this list is growing by the minute.

Brian Alexander Morgan- He wrote and produced the majority of SWV's first album, including all of it's singles except for "Downtown".He also did a duet with SWV on "You're Always On My Mind" and he was also in the video. He wrote and produced on SWV's second and third album (no singles). And recently he wrote and produced 3 songs from CoKo's debut, "Hot CoKo". He is said to be working on CoKo's sophomore LP.
Missy Elliott- She wrote and rapped on "Can We", & "He Be Back". Missy was in the video for Can We. SWV was in the video of "Not Tonight" by Lil' Kim with Missy and Taj was in Missy's "Can't Stand The Rain" video. Missy also wrote "Release Some Tension". She was also featured on "All The Times" by LSG with CoKo & Faith Evans. She is said to be working on CoKo's sophomore LP.
Jay Z- Jay Z was featured on the song "Keep It Real" with CoKo and Jon B. on the HavPlenty soundtrack.
Timbaland- He produced "Can We" and "He Be Back".
Puff Daddy- He did the remix and rap for "You're The One" and he wrote, produced and did the rap for "Someone". He was also in the video for "Someone".
R. Kelly- Wrote and produced a song called "Every Nation" from the "Red, Hot & R&B" album.
Notorious B.I.G.- Although Biggy wasn't really there, he was listed as a writer because they sampled his "Ten Crack Commandments" from his "Life or Death" album.
Lil' Kim- Lil' Kim wrote and did the rap for "Give It Up". SWV was in her video for "Not Tonight" (Remix) along with Left Eye, Missy, Da Brat, Angie Martinez, 702 and more. She also wrote Lil' Ceases rap on "Love Like This"
Babyface- He wrote and produced "All Night Long" from the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. He also did background vocals on CoKo's song "So Hard To Say Goodbye". Babyface was also featured on the song "Slow Jams" from the Q's Jook Joint album with SWV.
Kevon Edmonds- Babyface's brother, Kevon also lended his vocals on CoKo's tear jerker, "So Hard To Say Goodbye".
Eve- Eve was featured on CoKo's single "Triflin". Eve also thanked CoKo in her album credits for "Let There Be Eve..."
Swizz Beats- Produced and rapped on CoKo's remix to "Triflin'".
Rodney Jerkins- He wrote and produced CoKo's #1 hit "Sunshine", "Don't Take Your Love Away", "You And Me", "I Ain't Feelin' You", and "All My Lovin" from her "Hot CoKo" LP.
Kelly Price- Kelly wrote "Someone", & "Give It Up". She also did vocal production for "Someone", "Release Some Tension", & "Give It Up". Kelly also thanked SWV in her credits for the album "Soul Of A Woman".
Redman- Redman wrote and did the rap for "Lose My Cool". Him and the girls toured together making TV appearnces on Soul Train, Vibe and numerous other shows. He also was in the video which was never released. Redman was also a part of Wu-Tang who was featured on the remix to "Anything"
Wu-Tang- The Wu did the rap to the remix of "Anything". S-S-W-W-to-the-V-V.
Foxy Brown- Foxy Brown did the rap for the title track from the album "Release Some Tension".
Lil' Cease- Lil' Cease did the rap for "Love Like This".
E-40- E-40 wrote and did the rap for the song "Come And Get Some" from the album "Release Some Tension".
Busta Rhymes- Busta Rhymes featured SWV on his hit "It's A Party" the remix. He also wrote and did the rap for one of the remixes to "You're The One".
Quincy Jones- Quincy Jones considered it an honor to have SWV on his album Q's Jook Joint with Babyface and Portrait.
Portrait- The group Portrait also served as background on the song from Q's Jook Joint, "Slow Jams".
Johnny Gill- Johnny Gill and CoKo sung "Fire & Desire" for the Booty Call Soundtrack... some say they did more justice to the song than was done before.
702- 702 sung the song "Weak" with CoKo on Motown Live.
Brothers Johnson- Brothers Johnson and CoKo sang the hit "I'll Be Good To You" on Motown Live.
AllStar- Allan 'AllStar' Gordon wrote and produced the hits "You're The One", "Whatcha Need", "All About You" and "Anything" the remix.
Andrea Martin- She lended her lyrical skills on "You're The One", & "Whatcha Need" from the New Beginning album.
Miss Jones- SWV were in Miss Jone's video for "Where I Wanna Be Boy".
Teddy Riley- Teddy Riley did remixes for "I'm So Into You" and "Right Here"... he was responsible for the "Right Here/Human Nature" remix.
BlackStreet- BlackStreet featured SWV on the hit "Tonight's The Night". SWV were also in the video for the song.
Organized Noise- Organized Noise did some productional and lyrical work for SWV's hit "Downtown". They also did the production for SWV on the song "Tell Me How You Want It" from the Money Talks soundtrack.
Will Smith- Will Smith featured CoKo on the #1 smash hit "Men In Black".
Mobb Deep- They performed the rap on CoKo's alternative remix to "Triflin'".
Stevie J.- He produced the remake of the Jackson 5 hit "I Wanna Be Where You Are", in which SWV performed on the HavPlenty Soundtrack.
Snoop Doggy Dog- Snoop was featured on the song "Gettin' Funky" from the album Release Some Tension.
Butterfly of Digable Planets- Butterfly wrote and performed the rap for the song "That's What I'm Here For" from the New Beginning album.
Clark Kent- He produced one of the remixes for SWV's #1 hit, "You're The One".
Norman Brown- He produced and re-composed the Top 10 Radio Hit "Rain". It is on his 1999 jazz release, "Celebration ".
Vesta Williams- She recently re-made the hit "Rain" early this year (2000).
Patti Labelle- In 1998 SWV song in part of a tribute to Patti at the 1998 Essence Awards. They song the Labelle hit, "Lady Marmalade".
Joe- Joe lended SWV a hand on their top 10 R&B hit "Anything". He lended his vocal and his arranging talents.
Barry White- Barry White did the song "Slow Jams" from Q's Jook Joint with SWV. He and Lelee had a nice lil' dialogue.
Trina & Tamara- Trina & Tamara co-wrote the song "Triflin" f/Eve from CoKo's album, Hot CoKo.
Peabo Bryson- Peabo Bryson and CoKo song the duet, and number one hit "Beauty and the Beast" on Motown Live.
Tyrese- Tyrese did the duet "If This World Were Mine" with CoKo from her debut album Hot CoKo. They tore this remake to pieces.
AZ- AZ featured SWV on his smash hit "Hey AZ".
Erick Sermon- Erick Sermon wrote and did the rap for "On & On" from SWV's double Platinum sophomore album New Beginning.
The Neptunes- AKA Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams wrote the Gold single and Top 10 hit "Use Your Heart" and the masterpiece "When This Feeling", both from the double platinum album New Beginning. They also wrote the interlude for the song as well. They are said to be working on CoKo's sophomore album.
Faith Evans- Faith Evans co-wrote the song "Don't Waste Your Time" with Lelee on the New Beginning album. Lelee song lead on this song.
Queen Latifah- SWV was signed to Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit Management after the release of New Beginning.
Beyonce`- Beyonce` of Destiny's Child recently said that she admires SWV. Just thought you should know that.
Destiny's Child- Destiny's Child thanked SWV in both of their album credits for The Writing's On The Wall and on their album Destiny's Child.
Aarron Hall- He featured CoKo on his remix to "All The Places", but it was never released to the public (at least not in the U.S.).
Gerald Levert- Gerald Levert produced, vocally arranged and did the background vocals for the song "Fire & Desire" a CoKo and Johnny Gill duet from the Booty Call Soundtrack.
A Tribe Called Quest- A Tribe Called Quest feautured SWV on the tight cut entitled "Wifey". I don't think that this song was ever released but it was tight. You can here it at SWV: Heaven in the Media Section.
Jon B.- Jon B. wrote and featured CoKo on a song called "Keep It Real" from the HavPlenty Soundtrack. The song also featured Jay Z... Jigga.
LSG- LSG - Gerald Levert Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill featured CoKo on the song entitled "All The Times" with Faith Evans and Missy Elliott.
Tim & Bob- Behind the hits of Sisqo (Thong Song) and Monica are widening their resume` as well. They are said to be working on CoKo's sophomore album.

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