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You Are A SWV/ CoKo Fan-Addict If......

1.) You have purchased more than 2 copies of any album or single to boost sales, explaining to others that “they are advanced Christmas gifts”.

2.) You have a taped copy of every performance, some more than twice if the tape got worn out from rewinding too much.

3.) You refuse to buy any other girl group’s music, and even turn off the radio if one of their songs comes on…

4.) When driving through a crowded parking lot, you turn up “Weak” and try to get folks to wave their hands from side to side.

5.) You are STILL bumpin’ “Sunshine” like it just came out last week (“Oh, this is my JAM right here…”)

6.) You chuck out 18 dollars to buy a soundtrack for just the one SWV/CoKo song on it (i.e. “Waiting To Exhale”, “Money Talks”, “Booty Call”, “Men In Black” etc.)

7.) You’ve gotten into heated arguments/fights with non-fans about the girls’ looks as if they’d said “yo’ mama”.

8.) You have sweat-drenched sheets when you wake up the morning of an album and/or single release date.

9.) “Downtown” enlightened you in ahem…many aspects of life, while you laughed at your mother who thought it meant going downtown to shop…

10.) All of a sudden, nine-inch nails are “cute”…

11.) You have an abnormally strong dislike for the RCA Records label.

12.) You have been taking an unusually high interest in other music stars’ record labels.

13.) You know every SWV/CoKo song by heart, even the remixes, and you even know what CoKo is saying on “Weak” (“When the cause and cure is yoooouuuuu…”)

14.) You hate Toni Braxton, Destinys Child and other artists that have stolen SWV’s awards over the last 10 years.

15.) You can’t stand Christina Augilera just because she is the “other” R&B/Pop Diva on RCA Records…

16.) You are convinced that unreleased jams like “On & On”, and “You & Me” were the missing links to SWV’s/CoKo’s superstardom.

17.) You keep up with everyone and their mama’s B-Days (Jazz, CoKo, Tibba, Taj, LeLee, Amy Gregory, etc).

18.) You play “Rain” when it starts to.

19.) Certain seasons and years come to mind whenever you hear certain SWV jams (i.e. “I’m So Into You & “Right Here”= Summertime, 1993, “You’re The One”=Spring 1996 etc, etc.)

20.) You vigorously rearrange SWV/ CoKo CDs in the record stores so that they are in the front of the rows (and you know you’ve done that, so don’t even lie).

21.) You take it as a personal offense if any Keith Sweat or Sweetbox albums are accidentally mixed in with our girls’ records in the stores.

22.) You have more SWV/CoKo posters, memorabilia, and products than any other artist in your room—and you know other people know about you.

23.) You can’t get over the fact that the fabulous “Fine Time” wasn’t put on the radio.

24.) Billboard Magazine is now your friend.

25.) You know the gold/platinum status of every SWV/ CoKo record because you went to

26.) It didn’t blow your mind at all that EVE wasn’t in the “Triflin’” video (after all, it’s RCA).

27.) You wish that your son looked like Jazz.

28.) You wish your man looked like Ishmael.

29.) You think singers like Nicole Wray, Gina Thompson and 702’s Kameelah BITE.

30.) You would pay good money to see any video played on MTV just for once.

31.) You’ve called the radio station at least 4 times in one hour disguising your voice each time as if the DJ didn’t know…

32.) Once you get through the lines, you act as if you didn’t know that SWV or CoKo did that last song (“Aye yo, who did that blazin’ track ya’ll just played? CoKo? Naw, fa real? Aw, man, break us off again wit dat jam! Hey wasn’t she with 702, or SWV or sumpin’?”)

33.) Whenever a new song first comes out, you stay up till 3 or 4 A.M. listening to the radio for it—and of course, the DJ doesn’t even play it that night.

34.) You scan for the names “SWV” or “CoKo” in the “Thank You’s” section of other music artists’ album booklets.

35.) You KNOW that SWV would’ve torn up “Waterfalls” if given the chance.

36.) Something about tall, beautiful black chicks on Motorcycles turn you on now, but before 1993 it was a stupid, wack thing.

Submitted By Fans-

37.) When you wait up all night for the site to re-open. (Trent)

38.) If you can't sing, but have desperately tried to imitate Coko's voice and her style of singing because you like it so much, and now that you've just about got it downpacked, you cant change it and go back to your own style...ummm..i'd say your a fanatic :) (Tawanda C.)

39.) You know you're a SWV/CoKo fanatic when you've been known at school as the "SWV/CoKo Fanatic". (G)

40.) You've bid over the original price of the SWV/CoKo item at eBay that you say is "Unreleased/Rare" but it's really in the store this moment for cheaper. (G)

41.) When you break your neck to turn up the radio when one of SWV/Coko's songs come on. (Christina W.)


43.) You know your an SWV/Coko fanatic when you think every new R'n'B singer is tryna Coko's singing style. (HotSun)

44.) You know your an SWV/Coko fanatic when you know SWV would still be together if you were working at RCA. (HotSun)

45.) You know their dance routines in music videos. (Who?)

46.) You know that you are an SWV fanatic, when you know that they are fine, sexy, and that they are going to get back together. (RuffDaddy)

47.) You are playing the hell out of "SWV Special Christmas" in the middle of the summer. (Chocolate)

48.) If you collected every thing and went to a different just to see coko/swv in concert!!! (nitalady)

49.) When someone talks about other R&B divas, you mention Coko or SWV & compare them on their behalf! (Taz)

50.) When evertime someone says 'do you want a hot chocolate drink?' you say 'make mine a Hot Coko!' (HotSun)

51.) You know when Coko or SWV is going to be in the magazine you want but since you cant afford this months issue you go to the grocery store to read an article to stay up to date. ('Vette)

52.) If you name personal items after COKO/SWV members? (cars...etc.) For the record, Saeed has named one of his cars CoKo. (Brandon)

53.) If you STILL listen to, and get chills off of the part in I'm So Into You's "wiiiiittthhh the things you dooooo!"..and know the dance they did on the breakdown on Arsenio Hall and the lil step they did at the end! A Fanactic..yup yup!! :) (Don-Juan)

54.) Can hear coko, taj and lelee's voices and tell them apart when they harmonize. (Don-Juan)

55.) You know you're a fan when everyone has to shut up for you to listen to an SWV song on the radio or on video. (Scottie)

56.) You grew your nails super long, and still rocking them in honor of Coko. (alyka (lee))

57.) I am a fanatic because I have been folowing Coko/SWV since I was in the 6th grade. I now have a tatto of a trebble cleff and my nick name "LIL'COKO" going through the middle. Coko also gave me her name when I was in the sixth grade. We wrote each other on a regular basis. I love Coko to death and I am certainly her number one fan.(MiLisa)

58.) If All these things apply to you. (they do to me)Except the "wishing my son looked like jazz. That's too much. He cute but that's like calling your child ugly.(wishing he looked like someone elses)Ah Ahn. (Jae-M)

59.) When u tried to grow out nails like coko !!!!! ladies ummm hmmm got cha!!!!! (-: (TB)

60.) When you have bought every single album and single many me hehehe - I'm a devoted fan - #one man! (Tua Sane)

61.) When you say things like "YO I AM NOT DOUBT A COKO FAN, you when we drop a song together everyone will know!" (ChinaShod)

62.) When you buy a track you detest because Coko/SWV sing the background vocals (I did this with Will Smith - Men in Black). (Cleo)

63.) Because when I am sleep I always dream of just meeting CoKo and SWV. I know every single song that they ever made including CoKo by heart I always voted for them on trl and ask the radio stations to play my favarite songs witch is all of them really "Anything", "You're The One" and "Rain" for CoKo "Sunshine". They made me start singing solos in church now I am being asked to come and sing everywhere I go they want me to come back and after all my songs its strange but I thank God and then I add your name to say thank you. So thats why I think that I am a fanatic. (Titus)

64.) You own every CD and single ever released by Coko and SWV, and you burn extra copies for your car, bedroom, personal CD player... (Jazzi)



67.) I've got all her songs from It's about Time album to Hot Coko Album and I know all of them as if I had written them. I can't go 1 day without singing Coko's songs.New Beginning (96) Release some tension(97) even her song with Will Smith "Men In Black" " Easy Lover, oh he's gotta hold on me.."." Baby when u're around me u just can't do no wrong/ Everyway is the right way/ cause ur love is so strong/ And whenever I need u u're always right there/ to let me know u love me / And how much you care/ sunshine..." "It's not about ur money it's can't be / It's all about how I treat u and me / can we get together ..." (Soul Johar)

68.) I know That I am A Coko Fanatic by always putting the troubles of life that she has with my life. Meaning Being a single parent, and also taking time from my friends to reastablish my life. (Michael Snow)

69.) You check back at the site every day for a new update. (David)

70.) You know your a fanatic when you find yourself obsesed over each of the girls lives and are still not over the break up :-(. (Davie)


72.) When you TATTOO Her name on the back of your neck! in bold letters "COCO" as a boy instead of "COKO"....... Don't Stop Coko! Don't Stop! (Damieon Coco Rafael)

73.) You know you are a fan if you get chills when coko sings a ballad( Fine Time Mystery Surprise & I need some one & When you cry). (Coko Brown)

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