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This device is used to showcase the artwork, words, and piece of mind from CoKo/SWV fans around the world. A lot of people have expressed how they admire CoKo or how SWV's music inspired them to do something, and we created this device to share their admirations, and appreciation to the World Wide Web. Please submit yours.
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Submitted By: Basil J.
Description: A drawing of CoKo as a super hero or warrior/biker.

Submitted By: Basil J.
Description: A drawing of CoKo as a "Super CoKo"!

Computer Graphical Work
Submitted By: Saeed
Description: A computer graphic of CoKo as the X-Man, STORM.

Submitted By: Basil J
Description: A computer graphic created as a banner for the OLD CoKo Cure site. This banner was a fine addition.

Submitted By: Tony Boyd

Submitted By: Tony Boyd

Submitted By: Tony Boyd

Submitted By: Tony Boyd

Submitted By: Tony Boyd

Submitted By: Tony Boyd

Submitted By: Chyld
Description: A computer graphic of Chyld's experience with CoKo and his peers when she went to his school.

Submitted By: Trent
Some say do we believe in Miracles
I know they are true
Cause I see one you
Love comes and goes in different parables
I know I love you
Cause I see love you...

I love you Coko

Submitted By: Lelia
Roses are red
Violets are blue
But neither are as pretty as you

Words of Admiration/Shout Outs!

Submitted By: Terrance Tilmon
Words of Admiration
I know I'm a Coko/SWV fanatic because I have bought SWV CDs and Tapes over and over to boost sales, and because I've played them so much I damage them, I think I bought the first one three times, plus I got the CD and someone just stole it, so I have to get the CD again. I have the tape and CD of each LP SWV has made and I have Hot Coko on tape and CD. Every time I see a SWV/CoKo CD I want to buy it as if I don't already have it. When I listen to the SWV/Coko CD's I get chills, especially when listening to certain songs. I wont buy other female groups music especially TLC, they are always boasting of being the best selling female group, like they are trying to say something directly to my girls, SWV because everybody knows that SWV is the most BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, and CLASSY group, and individuals. I am still in denial about the break up. I can't believe that they didn't get a grammy. Even my parents said they didn't get enough recognition as individuals and as a group like they should have. I seen them in concert and lost my voice, and I'm a man, I was horse for days. I met Coko at a record store here in Detroit when her LP came out she was at a record store called Justines, she was just flawless, and her personality was beautiful she was just so precious. And I was in Awe all weekend. My friend tried to get me on the fanatic show on MTV after that but they never called back. I truly hope that each one of them knows that they are loved by all, especially ME, and they truly are the GREATEST. My girlfriend always picks with me because she says she never seen anybody act like this about someone. Yes I still have posters of SWV/Coko on my wall and I'm going on twenty four. I will fight anybody who would try to deny SWV/Coko of being the greatest. The music is just unexplainable. I mean, I'll rewind the intro "Anything" (slow version)over and over, and tell anybody in the car with me to just hear the beauty in the voices, the harmony, the melody and music mixed with the voices, and I played Hot Coko so much, some friends of mine went and bought it because they liked it so much. My girlfriend always asked me, why cant you like SWV/Coko and other women groups, I say because they just want to be better than SWV, they can't though, no one can compare. I wish them the best in all that they do, I hope their families are safe and that they get the recognition they deserve.

Submitted By: Fred
Words of Admiration
Coko, you are truly the best. I love your voice, your style, your attitude and I love the humbleness you carry about your talent(s). I hope that you succeed to the highest of the high because you deserve it. Your son Jazz is truly a blessing because evr since you had him I've seen a glow in you that hasn't dimmed to this day.

Your album Hot Coko was a true R&B album giving fans and non-fans of your music, no reason to feel disappointed. Although I feel that "You And Me", "Don't Take Your Love Away" and "If This World Were Mine" should have been singles, you represented yourself well for your first solo debut. Just keep praying and god will bless Coko. And don't forget, you've got wonderful fans, like the ones who've built this site for you, who will help you rise to the top.


Submitted By: Kamien
Words of Admiration
Coko, I really enjoy your music, but it is your voice and humble attitude that draws me to your artistry. Being a hopeful gospel recording artist I hope to one day record with you, I write as well and Ii am trying to get some stuff right with artists such as virtue, men of standard and witness, I would love to work with you or for you on your Gospel label, my email address is KAMIEN1@YAHOO.COM. But if notI will always lve your voice and music By the way your voice is way more seductive and profeesional when you perform rtracks written by Brian, I love his work as well, I hoep to work with him as well, until then I pray everyday that God make you into the star that you were born to be.

Love Always,
Your Fan,

Submitted By: Shanaya Stone
Words of Admiration

Submitted By: Coko Brown
Words of Admiration
What's up I am the biggest COKO fan. I just read the addict list and i fit every description of a COKO fanatic. I also have her name tatooed on my arm. I am constantly arguing with people who seem to dobut Mrs Voices talent. I am also upset that RCA will promote Christina but won't promote the real Queen of RCA & R & B. I still play COKO & SWV's albums. I have purchased more copies of all the albums, just to help record sales. In my eyes COKO is much beter than Whitney & Mariah. I can't wait to hear her come out with Music Doll & A Gospel album. She is truly ahead of her time. To all the COKO supporters continue to keep On & On.

Peace Coko Brown

Coko Brown is what my friends call me it's a mix between Foxy & Mrs. Voice.

You know you are a fan if you get chills when coko sings a ballad( Fine Time Mystery Surprise & I need some one & When you cry)

Submitted By: Chyld
Description: An autograph signed by CoKo for Chyld.

Submitted By: Chyld
Description: Another autograph signed by CoKo for Chyld.

Submitted By: Chyld
Description: A collage of the whole experience that Chyld and his peers experienced while CoKo was in Japan. For more pictures, go to the Photo Gallery.

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