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  • 08.14.01 - Exclusive News VIII: Divas Unite!

    REUNIONS & REZENDENVOUS: Here's some info on yet another hot track to be included on the LP. It is called "Let Him Go". This song features the vocal talent of Kelly (of Destinys Child fame) and Kameelah (formerly of 702). The song was written by Latocha Scott. The ladies touched bases on June 29th in New York City to record the track with CoKo. During the session, several other divas rallied around to show their support for Cheryl right there at the recording studio, including Nicci (former lead singer of Brownstone), Tyvy (from RCA's touted "other" 1993 girl group Black Girl), and none other than LeLee of SWV. The divas had a good time hanging out in the studio and recollecting on old times.

    It is obvious now to industry insiders that CoKo is definitely 'bringin' it' with this next album! We already have shared with you information on the blazin' album production from masterminds like Missy Elliott, Brian Morgan (who produced "Never Too Much" with Nas), the Neptunes, Shep Crawford, Tim & Bob, Gene Peoples (producer of the much-talked-about duet "No Woman, No Man" featuring Dave Hollister) and others. Then we have "Think" which will feature some of hip-hop's leading raptresses, with a remix by SWV. And certainly the vocal combination of CoKo, Kelly and Kameelah on "Let Him Go" will prove to be yet another gem in the Music Doll star studded "bling" box.

    So...Is there any doubt that this "Music Doll" is going to scorch the charts!?!?!

  • 08.14.01 - Exclusive News: VII

    "It's about time" to bring you up to par with the goings-on of Ms. Voice for the week ending August 17th!! CoKo has a lot brewing in her world right now, and believe us--it is ALL-good! The Trackmasters have just finished hooking our girl up with a sure-fire smash hit! It's an up tempo jam entitled "Think" and it features up-and-coming rapper Free. It has been undecided at press-time, but we are told that either Foxy Brown or Lil' Kim will also be included on the LP version. Time will tell if RCA is savvy enough to release a commercial maxi single. But whatever the case, it is highly probable that "Think" is the lead single from Music Doll. But get this: none other than SWV will perform the remix to “Think”!!! Also, there will a video shot for both versions! How sweet is that?!

    This news is HOT, and it will no doubt bring huge action at retail and radio. Keep in mind, that the last SWV single to grace radio waves was "Rain" which was released in December 1998. No doubt programmers will be all over this "Think" single, which will take our Songbird's solo career to stratospheric heights! And of course, it will be a special treat to see CoKo featuring her childhood girlfriends and former group members--SWV! And who knows, maybe Taj and Lelee will make some special guest appearances on CoKo's extensive solo tour in 2002! The release date for "Think" is coming up soon, and of course, The will be sure to give you loyal fans plenty of advanced notice on the impact date. We know you'll want to have your tape recorders and VCRs on "REC/PAUSE" so you don't miss a second of the world premiere!!!

  • 06.12.01 - EXCLUSIVE NEWS VI

    EXCLUSIVE NEWS VI: There is a lot brewing in CoKo's world! Check out the May 12, 2001 issue of Billboard Magazine. CoKo is pictured on the inside cover. It is a tribute to RCA's 100th year anniversary in the industry. It is clear that RCA is looking forward to CoKo's new release hitting retail: When asked what upcoming music has him excited, RCA president Jack Rovner had this to say: "We have a real commitment and focus right now to develop our urban area... we will turn some heads. CoKo's new record is a great, great album. We're just finishing that one. It will be out in August." The article also highlighted SWV's success for the label against other top competing 90's girl groups En Vogue and TLC.

    "STARTIN'" WITH WHAT???: With CoKo on the label's release horizon, there is a lot of decision-making to be done by her, the label support, and management. One of the most heavy decisions concerns the lead single, which at the time of this writing, is still undecided. When you have blazing cuts like "Never Too Much"f/ Nas (we hear a remix is being produced by DJ Clue),"No Woman, No Man" f/Dave Hollister, and hit production from Missy "Get Ur Freak On" Elliott, it is that much harder to choose. The difficulty stems from the fact that Ms. Voice's lead single has to be in the urban pocket, but also have crossover ability. There are already several singles recorded that have such potential, so CoKo has a difficult decision to wrestle with. We'll let you peeps know when to turn up your radios soon!

    SWV BACK TOGETHER?: We've received a lot of e-mails and phone calls about the "SWV Reunion" concert that was scheduled for May 25th, 2001 in Detroit, Michigan. With respected websites like and several big market radio stations reporting this, it stirred up a huge buzz of excitement. Unfortunately, the concert did not materialize as planned. However, do not rule out the possibility of CoKo, LeLee and Taj joining forces in the near future. As CoKo put it a couple of weeks ago: "Yes, we (SWV) are really cool. The group may have broken up... but we are still sisters at the end of the day."

    "RIGHT HERE" FINALLY: Check out the Audio-Video page to listen to CoKo's track, "Easy Lover", from the Phil Collins' tribute album. PLEASE don't sleep on this song!

  • 05.13.01 - Tentative Single

    There is so much drama in the world of C O K O, and picking a single is only a portion of what's going on with the Music Doll project. At first, RCA was positive that "No Man, No Woman" was going to be the first single. Then the single was changed to "Girlfriend." Now the single could possibly be "Starting With You," penned by Shep Crawford (Tamia's 'Stranger In My House' and Deborah Cox's 'Nobody's Supposed To Be Here').

    As of now this is all we know. As soon as we know more, so will you. Keep it locked.

  • 05.13.01 - Easy Lover

    CoKo is featured on the track "Easy Lover" on the forthcoming Phil Collins tribute album. The track is very nice and you know that anything Ms. Voice touches turns into GOLD, so go check it out. You can get a sneak listen to the track and an Interview with Cheryl (& Jazz lol) at NOTE: This is a Dutch site, so unless you're Dutch, you won't be able to read their typing. However, once you're in the site there are pictures of all of the artists on the album. Click CoKo's picture and you're home free. The interview is in English and so is the song. Keep it locked!!

  • 04.30.01 - Girlfriend

    We have some more news on CoKo's first single. At first it was quite evident that the single would be "No Man, No Woman" featuring Dave Hollister. However, things have changed. The first single will now be "Girlfriend." As of now we do not know who wrote or produced the song, but of course when we do know, so will you.

    Also, CoKo did some more tracks with Brian Morgan. I guess someone was listening to fans like Johneshia. We do not know exactly how many tracks Brian did, but we're guessing about 3 or 4. Once again, keep it locked.

  • 04.30.01 - Updates

    The~Cure has been updated with more Fan Entries in "The 'F' Files," "CoKo/SWV Fanatic," and "Da Wishin' Well." To our surprise, CoKo has also 'made a wish', so visit "Da Wishin' Well" and check it out! The Calendar has been updated as well as Saeed & Basil's bios & pics.

    Keep it locked.

  • 04.24.01 - CoKo Jumpstarts With Some Action

    Wassup FWV! It's time to get you all caught up on what CoKo has been up to. First off "Music Doll" is complete. It was completed this on Monday, April 23rd (the date New Beginning was released in '96). Upon completing the album she did some additional material with Brian Morgan. CoKo also has a NEW publicist! Apparently, this new addition to CoKo's support team is doing the right thing, because Girl Wonder is flying all over the place--literally! The following is an itinerary of her upcoming appearances, so mark your calendars, and get your VCRs ready (where applicable):

  • TUESDAY 4/24: Cheryl will be doing a press conference with Lisa Leslie, Michael Beach (of "Third Watch" fame), William Baldwin (actor) and Gervase (of the hit real-life series "Survivor") in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. We'll try to get more details on this one for you.
  • THURSDAY 4/26: CoKo will be singing the national anthem for the New York Knicks basketball game. Check it out!
  • SUNDAY 4/29: CoKo is flying into Washington DC to sing the National Anthem for the Ravens. Apparently, one of the players had the heart wrenching experience of having a stillborn baby delivered. Since Cheryl is a mother ("with a voice") herself, it would be appropriate for her to participate in this show for a beneficial cause.
  • SATURDAY 6/2: She'll be showing out with a performance for the WNBA team Liberty. More details to follow soon as to when and where the team will be playing.

    [These dates are tentative and subject to change]

  • 04.12.01 - CoKo Is Honored & Receives An Award

    Recently the 3rd Annual Prestige Awards, in conjunction with the Make A Wish Foundation, was held in New York. Beautiful glass awards were given to more than thirty people including the late Florence Ballard, Queen Latifah's mom Rita Owens, The Emotions, Case, Alexis Fields, Coko, the late Selena, and Wayner Cooper of Cameo among others. A musical tribute was performed by a group of kids in honor of The Emotions, Coko, and Case, who also performed a short number. Florence Ballard's daughters Michelle, Nicole, and Lisa accepted on behalf of the former Supremes member.

  • 04.10.01 - R&B Stars Turn Out Covers On 'Rhythm & Spirit' Set

    Songs recorded by Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Bette Midler, and Dolly Parton are among those covered by R&B artists for the inspirational compilation "Rhythm & Spirit: Love Can Build a Bridge." Due out next Tuesday (April 17) via the BMG-distributed 7N Music label, the album features the likes of Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Holliday, and former SWV member Cheryl "Coko" Gamble (who duets with her mother, gospel singer Clyde "Lady Tibba" Gamble).

    Highlighting the 11-track set is the Gamble mother/daughter cover of Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven," Ashford & Simpson's take on Bette Midler's "From a Distance," and Nona Hendryx' performance of Bob Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody."

    Here is the full track listing of "Rhythm & Spirit: Love Can Build a Bridge" (original artists in parentheses):

    • Tramaine Hawkins, "Up Where We Belong" (Joe Cocker)
    • Cheryl "Coko" Gamble and Clyde "Lady Tibba" Gamble, "Tears in Heaven" (Eric Clapton)
    • Ashford & Simpson, "From a Distance" (Bette Midler)
    • Nona Hendryx, "Gotta Serve Somebody" (Bob Dylan)
    • Patti LaBelle, "Love Is the Answer" (England Dan & John Ford Coley)
    • John James, "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" (Sting)
    • Sherry McGhee, "I Will Always Love You" (Dolly Parton)
    • Vivian Reed, "Because You Love Me" (Celine Dion)
    • Meant To Be, "Pray" (M.C. Hammer)
    • Billy Cliff, "No Woman, No Cry" (Bob Marley)
    • Jennifer Holliday, "Love Can Build a Bridge" (the Judds)
  • 04.07.01 - Music Doll

    The CoKo Cure is pleased to announce the tentative title of CoKo's new RCA LP, "Music Doll"! This will be the follow-up to her critically acclaimed 1999 solo debut "Hot CoKo". The first single is entitled "No Woman, No Man" which is a duet with R&B crooner Dave Hollister and it impacts in May. The album release date (as you no doubt already know) has been pushed back to August or September 2001. The recording process is complete, and the finishing touches are being added now. As previously announced, this album carries some of the hardest beats on wax from Eddie F, Missy Elliot, and Tim & Bob. And of course, Gene Peoples, Daron (of 112 fame), Shep Crawford and longtime contributor Brian Alexander Morgan are serving up something smooth on the ballad tip.

  • 04.07.01 - Piakhan Featuring CoKo

    Piakhan who featured on "Touch You" by Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek will feature CoKo on his album entitled "Hittin' Home" which will be released under BMG.

  • 02.20.01 - Gospel Celebration on BET

    Everyone should know about CoKo's appearance on the Gospel Celebration on BET. Back on January 19th she taped a special for BET. The show will air this Tuesday, Feb. 20th on BET at 9 pm. YO, THAT'S TONIGHT!!!! It is a Gospel Tribute special in honor of Black History Month. Also on the show are R&B artists Dave Hollister, Tamia, Kenny Lattimore and Howard Hewitt. CoKo is also set to sing with Donnie McClurkin, and she will perform a solo ("Amazing Grace"). Mary Mary and others will also be featured on some sets. Don't miss it!!

  • 01.21.01 - Heads Up on BET Date

    Ok, from what our source says "the show was awesome!". The show will air on Tuesday, Feb. 20th, 2001. At the moment there is no set time or even a name for the show. CoKo will sing a song by herself, we are sure all of you know of "Amazing Grace". She will also sing in the finale with stars Tamia, Dave Hollister, Kenny Latimore, Howard Hewett, Bobby Jones, Shirley Caesar, Natalie Wilson (SOP), Hezekiah Walker, Mary Mary and none other than Donnie McClurkin. The stars will end the show with Donnie's hit "Stand".

  • 01.18.01 - Hot News: CoKo On BET

    Heads Up Everyone! CoKo is catching a plane out to Los Angeles today (01/18) to tape a Gospel Special on BET tomorrow. She will be performing live with major artists such as Mary Mary, Tamia, Natalie Wilson, and Hezekiah Walker on one set. Then she will sing with Howard Hewitt, Kenny Latimore and Dave Hollister! Speaking of Dave Hollister, will the two of them perform the slammin' new duet that has the industry buzzin'? We'll have to see! The show will air on BET on February 20th (check your local listings)! So mark your calendars!

    ***NOTE: For all you many Die-Hard SWV/CoKo fan-addicts: If you are in the habit of taping every televised performance by CoKo make sure to have your VCRs ready on the 20th. This show will be the premiere kick-off for the new album's arrival in a couple of months. It will also set the stage for her new single to hit radio soon. We are giving you peeps over a months notice on this, so you won't miss it.

    Please use the [Message Board] at The CoKo Cure. It is new and very easy to use, don't sleep on this wonderful tool. We also encourage EVERYONE that hasn't done so to get set up with the new e-mail system! We will be utilizing this system as the primary way to get the "Exclusive News' to you fans before the general public knows about it. Set-up is easy and the system is better and quicker than your typical Yahoo! or MSN e-mail systems. Just log onto!

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