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1. How old is Jazz (her son)?
A. 6
B. 4
C. 3
D. 5

2. Which of the following show was SWV not on?
A. Motown Live
B. Regis & Kathie Lee Show
C. MTV Jams
D. Video Soul
E. Soul Train

3. Who is Jazz's Godmother?
A. Taj
B. Nettie
C. Nikki
D. Lelee

4. Who is CoKo's Goddaughter?
A. Shelia
B. Devonia
C. Cree

5. Who is CoKo's Godmother?
A. Maureen Singleton
B. Rozelia Romer
C. Auntie Joyce

6. "Ms. Voice" is CoKo's?
A. Dog
B. Pet Snake (she loves leather)
C. Tatoo
D. Car

7. CoKo co-wrote all of these tracks except for?
A. It's All About You (NB)
B. Sunshine (HC)
C. You're The One (NB)
D. Come And Get Some (RST)

8. Which album did CoKo dedicate to Jazz?
A. Release Some Tension
B. Hot CoKo
C. New Beginning

9. Who was CoKo's manager during "Hot CoKo"?
A. Uncle Benny
B. Tibba Gamble
C. Anthony Morgan
D. Both A & C
E. Both A & B

10. Jazz appeared in what video?
A. Use Your Heart
B. Someone
C. Sunshine
D. Rain

11. What age was CoKo at her first solo performance?
A. 3 years old
B. 6 years old
C. 9 years old
D. 12 years old

12. CoKo's favorite snack is?
A. Peanuts
B. Cocoa Puffs
C. Salt & Vinegar Chips
D. Lemon Cake

13. If CoKo was stranded on an island, what cds would she have with her?
A. SWV - New Beginning
B. Lil' Kim - Hard Core
C. Faith Evans - Keep The Faith
D. SWV - Release Some Tension

14. What was Sunshine's highest peak on any of the charts?
A. #1
B. #19
C. #15
15. Which male group was in SWV's video for "Weak", and who was CoKo's boyfriend in the video? (Answer in lowercase letter, exactly in this format-no spaces, divide with comma: groupname, nameofboyfriend)
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