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1. Jazz is CoKo's?
A. Nephew
B. God Son
C. Son

2. Jazz's father is?
A. Ishmael
B. Garfield
C. Lenny Kravitz

3. CoKo was on the cover of what magazine?
A. Black Hair
B. Vibe
C. Black Elegance

4. Who did SWV do a tribute for at the 1998 Essence Awards?
A. Aretha Franklin
B. Pattie Labelle
C. Donna Summer

5. Complete this line "They say he be back..."
A. Where did he go
B. but he say he gone to the store
C. they say he gone to the store

6. Sunshine was a song written about her son, who produced it?
A. Brian Alexander Morgan
B. Sean Puffy Combs
C. Rodney Jerkins

7. "Oh So Jazzy" is the name of what?
A. CoKo's Novel
B. Jazz's Photo Album
C. CoKo's Styling Company

8. What does CoKo want to eventually do?
A. Release A Alternative CD
B. Start a Gospel Label
C. Move to Austrailia

9. Which event came first?
A. Sunshine reached #15 on R&B
B. CoKo performed on Motown Live
C. Motown Live Aired the performance

10. On the BET Gospel Show, what song did CoKo sing?
A. Amazing Grace
B. Oh Happy Day
C. O Holy Night
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