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  • 01.10.01 - CoKo's Project Part II

    Here is an update on the progress of CoKo's new LP due March 2001. We previously told you that Tim & Bob were working on the LP, and we'll have a pic of the trio in the studio in the Gallery. From what we are told, Tim and Bob produced five tracks. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot has produced one track for the LP, while the Neptunes have completed two. New producers that we weren't aware of before have been added to the line-up: Shep Crawford (He cut Tamia's "Stranger In My House", Deborah Cox's "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here", Sisqo's "Incomplete", the majority of Kelly Price's current LP, and even Boyz II Men's current single "Thank You In Advance" and he's produced two tracks for CoKo) and Eddie F (he produced five tracks, but only two of them will make it on the album). Although she hasn't done so at the time of this writing, she is still set to record with Brian Morgan. The song is tentatively titled "As You". It doesn't appear that the track that Daron of 112 cut for her will make it on the album after all. We wanted to clarify that since it had been mentioned in a previous "Exclusive News". We also let you all in on the duet with Dave Hollister. People, she feels really strongly about this one! In addition, in speaking with some employees at the RCA Records (NYC office) we find that there is equal excitement about this track--they are playing it all over the office. The first single perhaps? CoKo hopes so!

    Last, but not least, Ms. Voice revealed that she is scheduled to tape a gospel special on BET January 19th, 2001. She will be "takin' us to church" with none other than Hezekiah Walker & LFC. Imagine that!!! This will be great exposure for her, as her lead single (whatever it is going to be) shooouuuld be hitting the radio around that time to make way for the new LP. As soon as we receive word, we will let you folks know when the special will air!

    Until then, keep it locked to the CoKoCure!

  • 12/20/00- CoKo's New Project-

    The CoKo~Cure has received some preliminary details regarding Lady Voice's forthcoming album! Due to the consistent, overwhelming flow of e-mail from the fans requesting "behind-the-scenes" knowledge on the LP, the Cure has done a little networking with the powers-that-be at RCA. They have graciously given us some snippets of information (Please keep in mind that these details are tentative and subject to change). Check out the following!!!

    CoKo's yet-to-be-titled sophomore solo album is quickly nearing completion. It is on schedule for release around March/April 2001. RCA Records is pulling all the stops production-speaking for this new LP! CoKo is working with some of the industry's hottest producers including:

    • The Neptunes--the masterminds behind Jay Z's current blazing track "Just Wanna Love Ya", Mystikal's "Shake Ya Fast", ODB's "Baby I Got Your Money" and SWV's "Use Your Heart" and "When This Feeling" (from the 1996 "New Beginning" LP)
    • Daron (of 112 fame)--he is responsible for many of 112's big hits like "Love You Like I Did" and "Anywhere".
    • Missy Elliott--need we say more? Who HASN'T this talented supermind worked with yet? But most notably for SWV/CoKo fans, Missy produced 1997's "Can We" and 1998's "He Be Back".
    • Brian Alexander Morgan--a supreme ballad writer responsible for all of SWV's masterpiece ballads i.e. "Weak", "Always On My Mind" and "Rain".
    • Also, there is a huge buzz surrounding a certain ballad performed with Dave Hollister (formerly of BLACKstreet). From what we are told, this single is a hit waiting to happen!
    Imagewise, CoKo will have a fresh new look for 2001, and she is working with new A&R direction. We hear she is even coordinating with a certain major R&B male singer's stylist! We can't spill all the beans on that one yet though!
  • 12/20/00- Online Music Awards-

    About 2-3 months ago The CoKo Cure was nominated for an Online Music Award (People's Choice Award). The winner depends on how many votes that site receieves. Well, an incredible 2,221 websites (both official and fan sites) were nominated, and The CoKo Cure ranked an incredible #100. The CoKo Cure also ranked as the #3 R&B website voted... so we would like to thank the People's Choice Awards and most importantly, the fans and supporters who voted. Thank You!

    Also, at, The CoKo Cure has received a whopping 1294 votes (and counting), marking us as the #1 site for CoKo, and the #2 Site for an R&B Diva. The~Cure is also one of the Top 200 websites at!

    So again, we just want to thank all of the fans that voted and that vote regularly because we wouldn't have nearly as many votes, without your love and dedication to CoKo and this website.

  • 12/20/00- Site Updates-

    The~Cure has releasing brand spanking new pics of CoKo, and due to the fans' demand, new pics of Basil and Saeed in the "Meet The Webmasters" chamber. Also, peep the new BIO section for the new updates! Also, we have just added exclusive Audio Files, so please be sure to check out the multimedia section of the site. Kick back, take a sip of Hot CoKo, and enjoy!!!

    Note: Due to problems with our server, the files were unable to be uploaded... so the Bio and the News pages are uploaded. Audio files and the pics will be up by this weekend. (Sorry for the inconvenience.)


    The CoKo~Cure (the internet's leading source of information regarding CoKo of SWV) has been given an OFFICIAL "heads up" on CoKo's forthcoming project!

    One of the ~Cure's correspondents out of Houston, Texas revealed that Lady Voice herself has recorded a scorching duet with Dave Hollister (the voice behind BLACKstreet's 1994 hit "Before I Let You Go", and his latest solo hit "One Woman Man")! Sources say that CoKo is "really excited" about the track. Although the single's title can not be disclosed to the internet public at this time, it was stated that the track is strong enough to be the possible kick-off single for the album's debut. Keep it locked to The CoKo~Cure for more details on the forthcoming solo album from CoKo, due March 2001!

    DID YOU KNOW...Duets are nothing new to CoKo. She has recorded jams with top billed stars i.e. Johnny Gill, Will Smith, and Jon B, to Tevin Campbell, Aaron Hall, BLACKstreet, and most recently Tyrese. However, the only duet officially released to radio was 1993's No.8 hit "You're Always On My Mind" which she performed with RCA's Sisters With Voices (SWV) and long-time contributor Brian Alexander Morgan."

  • 09.27.00-More News from Lil'Red (FWV Member): "CoKo's first single is called "When I Need It" produced by Tim & Bob (they worked with Monica, & Jon B.). She will also be on the soundtrack of a movie starring Tommy Lee Jones & Busta Rhymes.

    We don't know what the name of the song on the soundtrack will be, or who she's working with... but as soon as we do know, so will you.

  • 09.14.00-News from Lil'Red (FWV Member): CoKo's album will probably be released by March of 2001. She already has 7 songs ready to go. Taj & Lelee are supposed to record at least 2 songs on the album with her.
  • 09.14.00-CoKo is featured in this month's Ultimate Black Hair magazine. She's looking her BEST.
  • 09.15.00-The CoKo Cure RE-OPENS to the Mailing List! (11:59PM)
  • 08.00.00- CoKo is featured in the August 2000 issue of Ebony Magazine. Check the Articles for what she had to say.

  • 05.06.00-First of all, CoKo is doing a Play [Gospel Play], she was rehearsing for it a couple of weeks ago (Thanks RCA & CoKo Online).

  • 05.06.00-"There will definately be an SWV Renuion" says Taj of SWV in the latest issue of Black Beat Magazine. In the October issue of the online newsletter,, CoKo states that an SWV Renion is possible. And there have also been rumors of the girls conduction three way conversations during christmas break... patching things up between each other. And the icing on the cake came when a handful of radiostations across the country recently announced that CoKo & Lelee have cleared things up and that SWV's album will be dropped in the year 2002.

  • 04.14.00-CoKo, and SWV along with Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, TLC and Mariah Carey, is featured at Divas 2000, the new Mega Diva Site.

  • 03.12.00-GOOD NEWS YA'LL!!!! CoKo will also been on Motown Live the Week of 4/17/00. Along with Brian McKnight, Emotions, Eve & Faith Evans.

  • 03.12.00-A while ago CoKo was on Motown Live with 702. She sung "Triflin", "Sunshine" along with other collaborations. We informed you guys that She was going to be singing SWV's Double Platinum Hit, "Weak". However, due to lack of time in the show, they chose not to air their performance... or shall we say hold it off. Until last night! Yep, that's right, 702 & CoKo were on Motown Live last night and they sung "Weak". COKO WAS AMAZING... 702 were good as well. Please check your local TV listings for a repeat of the show.

    Their performance was considered to be a "Motown Live Moment"


  • 03.06.00-If you have ANY NEWS or QUESTIONS having to do with COKO, please email us at

  • 03.06.00-Guess what guys? CoKo is now touring in Japan. They love her over there. From what I heard (from a reliable source) her album is selling well there. She should be home within the next couple of weeks.

  • 03.06.00-I just wanted to shed a lil' "Sunshine" and say that me and my friend heard "You And Me" twice last week on different stations... so maybe they're leaning towards "You And Me"... MAYBE!

  • 02.04.00-We're #1 Baby!-

    According to, *The CoKo Cure* is now that Top site on the net dedicated to CoKo/SWV. We have received 3 stars to date within a 2 month period (we didn't register with Stapages until December. Thanks to all of you. As we said before, every vote counts. Don't think that we're in competition with ANYONE, we're just supporting our girl to the fullest, and you guys are as well. And plus, it's kind of fun!!! Although we're on top, the game is never over. We need 500 votes to get our fourth star, we're now at 210. Let's keep it comin'! Please continue to VOTE. (By clicking the star above!!!).

  • 01.31.00-CoKo will be peforming at Club Casino- COKO will be performing on Thursday, FEB. 10th at:
    781 Main Ave.
    Passaic, NJ 0705
    Tel: 777-7015

    She will perform her hits, live: "SUNSHINE", and "TRIFLIN" feat. EVE of RUFF RYDERS she also perform SWV classics like "WEAK", "ANYTHING", "YOU'RE THE ONE", and "CAN WE" feat. Missy Elliot.
    M3 ENTERTAINMENT HOTLINE: 1-800-630-0665
    Or visit them on the web @

  • 01.28.00-There are 7 new pics of CoKo & 1 new pic of her and Jazz in the Photo Gallery.

  • 01.28.00-Have you emailed Well if you haven't, please do so. CoKo needs our help!

  • 01.28.00-Check the Sisters With Voices website for the latest news on Lelee Taj & SWV!!!

  • 01.28.00-CoKo's is in a couple magazines this Month. She's still in Black Hair Sophicticate (they must love her because she has been in the last 3 issues). And she is also in the Vibe Magazine with either (Sisqo, Nas or Eve) on the cover. That's where that pic on the front page came from!!

  • 01.28.00-"Triflin" is officially off of the charts. If RCA is going to do anything, I hope they are acting on it now!!!

  • 01.20.00-IF YOU HAVE NOT YET EMAILED PLEASE DO SO NOW! We need as many fans as possible to put this PLAN into action. So what's it gonna be? What are you wanting on?

  • 01.20.00-CoKo's next single is supposed to be "You And Me" and they are supposed to be shooting the video in Detroit, Michigan. We do not yet know who they picked to direct the video, but when we find out we will let you guys know.

  • 01.13.00-The CoKo Plan Part II-
    *Please view *The CoKo Cure* tomorrow (01/14/00) for a full description of what is to be done through *The CoKo Plan*. In the meantime we ask that you ALL email us at **.
    **Don't forget to view the site tomorrow (01/14/00).**

  • 01.03.00-As you know, CoKo's tentative next single is "You And Me". We all talked about how much we wanted this song to be her next single and how much she needed it. Well, with this tight song needs to be a hard video. Please VOTE (on the Polls Page.) Also, *The CoKo Plan 2* grows near. Please stay tuned for further instructions.

  • 01.03.00-CoKo is in on the cover of Black Beat Magazine this month. She is also on the cover of Vibe Magazine and she has a FULL two page article in Black Hair Sophisticate.

  • 12/26/99-"You And Me":

    A month ago, CoKo did a Chat session at Yahoo!. In it, she said that her next single may be either "Everytime" or "If This World Were Mine". Although these are monster BALLADS, we KNEW that "You And Me" is the only single right now that will GUARANTEE her better (PLATINUM) album sales. So we asked everyone to vote. We told you guys if enough of us showed them how we felt about the single, they would release it. And now they ARE going to release "You And Me" as the next single. Their plans lead toward a January release. The video is in it's planning stages. Remember: all of these plans are subject to change.

    Now that we got our wish, we have to back it up with action. Within in the first two weeks of January *The CoKo~Cure* & *CoKo Online* will institute a A Plan, a COKO PLAN that will secure RCA's support in her solo career. We are not going to insult or down RCA, because that will change their attitude toward CoKo. We are going to merely let them no that's on our mind and at the same time lend them some assistance by giving them advice on how to make CoKo a continued success. PLEASE stay tunded to *The CoKo~Cure* because we need your help as much as COKO does.

  • 12/10/99-News Direct From MTV!:
    COKO For the second single off her new solo album, "Hot Coko," former SWV singer Cheryl "Coko" Gamble has opted to use a track called "Triflin'" which features one of hip-hop's hottest female stars, Eve of the Ruff Ryders.

    While working on her solo record, Coko said that she heard Eve on one of the rapper's early guest appearances and was so impressed, she decided then and there that Eve had to work with her on "Hot Coko."

    "I heard [Eve] on the Blackstreet song ['Girlfriend/Boyfriend' with Janet Jackson]," Coko told the MTV Radio Network, "and I was like, 'Who is this girl?' And I just liked her tone, I liked her style, and she didn't sound like anybody else out there to me."

    "I was like, 'I want her, we have to get her,'" she added, "and I have [my record label] chasing all around town trying to find her, and then she came down and she wrote her rap. It was quick and she did a good job. I was happy."

    "Triflin,'" follows "Sunshine," which was the first single off of "Hot Coko." The album also features contributions from R&B vocalist Tyrese and producer Rodney Jerkins.

  • 12/08/99-There are *New* pics in the Photo Gallery.

  • 12/08/99-CoKo's Jenny Jones Performance Review By: Jamel
    I wonder if anybody saw Coko's performance on The Jenny Jones Show? I saw it. It didn't air on Thanksgiving here in Michigan, but it did that following Monday. She sung "Triflin'". She also had blue contacts on !! The performance was tight and she looked good!! The crowd there was just like the Apollo's. When she started dancing during Eve's rap the crowd was yellin' "Go Coko!, Go Coko!..." And gave her a big applause at the end.

    *Do you know of any CoKo performances that are not listed here? Well email us at and tell us about it. We will then post it here on the "News" page. If you don't have an email client, then you can leave the show's review in the Guestbook.*

  • 12/08/99-Click the link to view CoKo's Yahoo! Chat Transcipts.

  • 12/06/99-Click Here To See CoKo On Apollo.

  • 12/05/99-CoKo's Apollo Performance Review
    On Showtime At The Apollo CoKo performed her #1 Hit Single "Sunshine". Before the performance actually started there were fans already waving CoKo posters in the audience (never seen any other fans/audience members do that). Steve Harvey introduced her as CoKo formerly of the multi-platinum group SWV who scored big with hits like "I'm So Into You" & "Right Here". When the music started people RAN to the stage and crowded it, literally. They were chanting "CoKo, CoKo, Darkchild, 99" and she switched the words around and said "And I be all up in yo spot uh!" LOL.

    Her performance was very tight. She hit every note like they were playing the CD or something. She was also dancing while singing... so the girl ain't no joke. She wore this TIGHT black leather body dress with patches of Red & Brown material and a cowgirl hat that was made of the leather and material that her dress was made of. During her performance, she touched fans hands in the audience while singing to them. When she was done, she got a BIG applause. She was very much loved that night and we know that she was happy as well because she was just cheesing through out the whole show...LOL!
    We Give This Show: 4/5 Stars!
    (Coming Soon... "Live From L.A. Review" which gets 5/5 Stars.)

    *If any of you have a story to tell about CoKo's performances, please feel free to email us or leave it in the guestbook and we will post it here, on the "Hot News" page.*

  • 12/04/99-There is an underground album for "The Best of Jay-Z" and our girl CoKo is featured on it. She is featured on the song "Keep It Real" featuring Her, Jay-Z & Jon B.! We just had to share that news.

  • 12/04/99-Coko has moved up on the R&B Airplay Charts. Check the Chart Info page for more info!

  • 12/03/99-CoKo will be on "Show Time At The Apollo" this weekend. But she will not be alone. Apparently, she will be accompanied by Kevon Edmonds, one of the former voices of After 7. Check your local show listings at

  • 12/26/99-"You And Me":

    A month ago, CoKo did a Chat session at Yahoo!. In it, she said that her next single may be either "Everytime" or "If This World Were Mine". Although these are monster BALLADS, we KNEW that "You And Me" is the only single right now that will GUARANTEE her better (PLATINUM) album sales. So we asked everyone to vote. We told you guys if enough of us showed them how we felt about the single, they would release it. And now they ARE going to release "You And Me" as the next single. Their plans lead toward a January release. The video is in it's planning stages. Remember: all of these plans are subject to change.

  • 11/30/99-Guess what ya'll? At the Yahoo! Chat yesterday CoKo said that Swizz Beats (this guy does all of DMX, Eve & Ruff Ryder's beats) is doing the remix to "Triflin". That's the tightest news I have heard all MONTH!

  • 11/30/99-CoKo also said that her next single will either be "If This World Were Mine" or "Everytime". (What happened to "Bigger Than We"?) Maybe we can persuade RCA to release the single we want released. So, please go to the Polls page and vote for your choice. (Every vote counts!)

  • 11/22/99-CoKo will be chatting on on Monday, November 29th at 8pm EST/5pm PCT. I hope you have a user ID!

  • 11/22/99-The "Triflin" chart information is on The Chart Info page. Check it out!

  • 11/22/99-The "Triflin" video has been serviced to BET, Much Music, CMC, and Power Play Music. The video has not yet been added to MTV, The Box, or Urban Expressions. Stay Tuned.

  • 11/21/99- CoKo will be doing a TV/performance blitz all next weekend. She will be on
    • Motown Live on November 27th, 1999. *Thanks to Capitola*
    • Apollo on November 27th (although the date says the 29th, I believe they meant to post it as the 27th.)
    Check your local TV listings to be sure at Yahoo! TV Listings. (GET YOUR TAPES READY!)

  • 11/18/99- What's up ya'll? CoKo will be on The Jenny Jones Show on November 25th, 1999. It will air, for sure, at 2:00PM in Chicago. We don't know about other cities so check your local tv listings.

  • 11/11/99-
    Coko Inc. Fan Club
    PNB 273
    48 Bi-State Plaza
    Old Tappan, NJ 07675

  • 11/11/99- The "Triflin" video was serviced on November 1, 1999 to BET. If you've seen it, you already know that Eve was not present. Eve was not present because she demanded too much money. Eve also did the same thing to Brandy for her "You Don't Know Me Like You Used To" video. Also when several black colleges offered her $17,000 (each) to perform at their homecoming games, etc... she said no and demanded $27,000 instead... While national artists such as CoKo, Brian McKnight, Silk, Ginuwine, 702 & Donnell Jones agreed to the proposed amount! Makes you wonder... whos in it for the money and whos in it for the fans?

  • 11/08/99- Is CoKo the BITCH alot of people think she is? Find out yourself as we ask the questions that people assumed they knew the answers to.
    *These quotes were taken from "Sister 2 Sister" & "Honey" Magazines*
    What do you have to say about being the lead in SWV?
    "I didn't have a problem with sharing the microphone, I just felt like we were all in this together, we were all getting a check, and we should all be happy"

    What were some of the problems leading up to the break up of SWV?
    "If you want to maintain what you were doing, you have to be on point. Not saying that I was perfect because I was far from perfect. I know my attitude was crazy. I could come in some days and I don't want you to talk to me. That's just how it was... Then you had others that just came [to rehearsals/shows] when they felt like it... We didn't even talk about our problems. And its just hard working like that."

    Is that all?
    "We did not get along anymore, bottom line. It was to the point where we would do shows and we wouldn't be speaking, and its hard to perform if you're not speaking."

    Was one of the reasons behind leaving SWV due to outside influences?
    "I didn't leave because anybody else told me to leave... If I would've left because somebody told me to, I would've left after the first album when they [RCA] tried to get me to go solo."

    This question is in regards to HOW you left the group. Did Lelee & Taj know about your solo deal? Did you tell them when you were leaving?

    "RCA offered me the solo deal a while ago... I didn't know when I was gonna do the solo thing, but the group was going through changes so I was like, 'alright, let me do this thing. Maybe a break [from each other] will clear things up'... Taj & Lelee knew about the solo deal, they just didn't know when. But when it was time, Taj got a call, Lelee didn't. Lelee was missing in action, sometimes I could catch her, sometimes I couldn't."

    Would you have stayed with SWV if all of this confusion wouldn't have went on?
    "I'll put it to you this way, two wanted it [the group (SWV)] and one didn't, I WASN'T the one who didn't."

    How are you feeling now-a-days?
    "I am happy...I thought a lot of people were gonna be acting weird and strange because I left, but they're not. And that shocked me that they are like 'we love you'... I've made some new fans."

  • 10/30/99- CoKo is in this month's issues of: "Black Woman", "Word Up", "Hype Hair" & "Black Hair Sophisticate"

  • 10/30/99- CoKo's new single "Triflin" will be released nationally to radio November 1st, 1999 (Monday). Turn your radios up and start requesting.

  • 10/30/99- CoKo will be touring with N'Sync & Christna Aguilera until January. This is subject to change.

  • 10/30/99- Coko will also be touring with Brian McKnight, on & off. This is subject to change as well.
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